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Join a Small, But Mighty Team Bringing Relief to the Masses

With the launch of our BFF Affiliate & Reseller Community we are excited to finally be able to bring the BFF to the thousands of amazing internet savvy Entrepreneurs who have carved out a niche in the world wide web.

We've worked hard over the past few years building products that illicit an immediate and powerful reaction to those who experience it on their bodies. It's still amazing that people fall in love with that feeling so quickly, and immediately whip out a credit card to buy the BFF products for $200+. 

In the "real world" we've seen this at everywhere from trade shows, conferences, and educational trainings, to urban markets, street festivals, home product parties, and random acts of buffing. All we can say is the BFF has been sold to every walk of life, every ethnicity, every age group - from 16 year old teens, to bodybuilders, to frail 85 year old women. Body Buffers WILL be in every home, like the toaster, and now is the right and ripe time to add The BFF to your portfolio of lucrative projects.

Get over here! You're with us now.

Becoming an Official BFF Affiliate means you obviously know when you smell a FUN & YUMMY OPPORTUNITY! Glad you're tuned in, tapped in, turned on.

Let's bring this super fun and amazing healing device to your clients, patients, friends and family.

Joshua, Founder


Commission structure

Title Commission form Commission
Standard - 45 day payout Percentage 10%

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